Day 28 of Project: Fern Gully.
My flora decided to go greener. Still no sign of colored blossoms yet.

Dear Crock pot, I love you… The 8 torturous hours were well worth the wait because I am satisfied in every way with how my homemade chicken tortilla soup turned out :)

Proverbs 31:25

& with that, I bid a Goodnight :)

Day 21 of Project: Fern Gully.
[Plant] Life is definitely greener on this side :)

#LightsAllNight au natural.
Another post-workout light show courtesy of Mother Nature, and the endorphins are happily flowing.

Day 14 of Project: Fern Gully.
My pretties haven’t made their debut yet, but they continue to chase the sun. Let it GROW!